Special occasion? Birthday or birth? You've come to the right place at Bee Cute!

Luxurious Packaging

We always pack your purchase at Bee Cute very neatly! Wrapped in tissue paper, packed in a luxurious postal box with a handwritten card and a present. But we also offer an exclusive packing service.

Exclusive Gift Wrapping

If your purchase is actually a gift, an exclusive service we offer is the wrapping service. For a small price of €3.95 you can already use this exclusive service! You simply add the Gift Box to your shopping cart by checking it in the shopping cart page. We will then pack your purchases neatly, wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, in a luxurious gift box with a special Bee Cute satin ribbon. This way your purchase becomes a gift and shopping with us a party!
Do you want to send the gift directly to the recipient? No problem! Indicate in the shopping cart page that the delivery address differs from the billing address. Enter your own address at the billing address and the recipient's address at the delivery address. Would you also like to send a personal message for the recipient? We can take care of this too! When you check the Gift Box in the shopping cart page, a box will automatically appear where you can enter the personal message. We will then ensure that your message, beautifully written on a card, is added to your Gift Box.

Gift Card

Are you looking for an original gift, but you have no idea what to buy? With a Bee Cute Gift Card you are always on the safe side! The recipient can then choose something nice for themselves, so you don't have to!
The Gift Card is available in different values ​​ranging from €25 to €100. This is valid up to 1 year after purchase and can be spent in one go or in parts. The Gift Card cannot be exchanged or exchanged for cash after purchase.

Would you like to order a Bee Cute Gift Card? Click here.

Redeem Gift Card

  1. Find your purchase on and add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Then press checkout.
  3. On the payment page, enter the code on the back of the Gift Card.
  4. If the balance is insufficient for the amount of your purchase, you can pay the remaining amount with one of our available payment options. If the balance is higher than the purchase amount, the purchase amount will be deducted from the Gift Card. You can then use the remaining balance on the Gift Card for a subsequent purchase.

Terms and Conditions Gift Card

  • The gift card cannot be exchanged once it has been purchased.
  • It is not possible to enter a Gift Card code after your order
  • The Gift Card is valid for up to 1 year and expires one year after purchase. After this period it is no longer possible to pay with it.
  • Multiple Gift Cards can be redeemed in combination up to a maximum amount of €500.
  • The Gift Card can only be redeemed at Bee Cute.
  • Unfortunately, a lost Gift Card cannot be reimbursed or paid out in cash.
  • The right to a refund for an order paid with a Gift Card remains valid. In this case you will receive the amount back by means of a digital voucher.